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Recent and current personal projects in my boat shop

Looking to purchase small classic wooden launches and rowboats suitable for rebuilding. If you have an old classic looking for a friend I may be interested.

12 ft Clinker Row Boat / New build

Clinker planked. Red Cedar on Yellow Cedar

12 ft Clinker built

Stern Seat

12 ft Clincker built

Bow Seat

12 ft Clinker Row Boat

Launching Day

William Garden Launch

Adzing out the stem

William Garden Launch

Up in frames

William Garden Launch

Fitting the horntimber

William Garden Launch

All Planked up

12 ft Clinker Row Boat

Sweeping Bow

Monk Design

I was employed on the construction of three of these cedar and mahogany planked vessels in the 80's

Putt Boat Rebuild

My Grandfather built several of these vessels for Powell Lake in the 1930's.

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