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M.V. Pisurayak Kootook

Chief Officer / Assisting Kelly Ovayuak off Tuk

Work hazard

M.V. Nunakput / Off Gjoa Haven

M. V. Nunakput

Second & Chief Officer / Off loading at Gjoa Haven

Sailing Desolation Sound

Addy hauling up the anchor light

M.V. Scimitar

Mate / Fuel barge deliverys into the jungles and south coast

M.V. Nanukput

Second Officer (Supply tug) Nanukput / Salvage of the cruise ship Adventure Exporer hard aground near Copper Mine NWT

CCG John P Tully

Seaman and Third officer / Ocean Science

Old wooden freight boat

Hauled up at Joa Haven NWT / Wood rot does not like arctic conditions

BC Forest Service Vessel "Coast Ranger"

Launch Engineer & Master / I was Master on several of these vessels but this one was my favorite

M.V. Jim Kilabuk

Chief Officer / Crew loading submarine nose cone in Halifax for delivery to Esquimalt

BC Forest Service Vessel "Alpine Fir"

Master / Delivery job to FSMD

MV Jim Kilabuk

Chief Officer / Loading deck freight / Halifax, Nova Scotia

MV Pisurayak Kootook

Chief Officer / Herschel Island / Pancake ice making up

Putt boat

Hauled up at Joa Haven NWT

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